Supplier Delays are Minimal

Fall is here and the weather has been beautiful.  Business continues to be very strong.

The biggest fear we have is keeping the supply chain intact.  We know that all of you are fully aware of the issues regarding the difficulty of filling orders.

Regarding supply, we do have some good news from several of our suppliers.  Kitchen Kompact has been our best performing supplier regarding shipping time.  They simply have not missed a beat.

Koch Cabinets and Koch Doors have had small delays but recently improved.  Merillat Cabinets had some serious delays but are making improvements.

Lynden Door, our interior door supplier, is back to a three week lead time.  They are also expanding their capacity to be even greater and adding a prefinish line by Spring 2021.

Steel and fiberglass doors continue to be problematic.  Exterior door frames are also scarce depending on material.  Primed FJ seems to be the biggest issue, but we do think we have them covered for now.  ODL glass had some issues but are back to regular lead times.