New Products to Consider

We would like to remind you of a few products we distribute, but do not stock. They can be shipped directly to your location.

Ekena Millwork is a full service one-stop manufacturer for specialty millwork.  They offer the largest collection of wood, metal and composite millwork in the country with the capability to customize and design your own products with our online product builders.

Their goal is to offer not just a product but a solution allowing designers, builders, architects and lumberyards to offer truly signature pieces that cannot be found anywhere else.

Their line of products is broad, but mouldings and moulding accessories are their mainstream products.  See their full offerings at This will give you a great overview of the possibilities for your custom products needs.  Please contact your ABP rep for more details.

Another product line that we distribute but do not stock are the specialty fixed windows from Frontline Building Products.  FrontLine manufactures many different products, but one of their top sellers is the fixed special shaped windows in almost any shape you choose.

The beauty of this offering is that FrontLine can match the profile of almost any brand window  in design, color, glass, grille, etc.  Available frame materials are clad wood, wood and cellular PVC.  Several window manufacturers actually use FrontLine to manufacture their specialty windows.  Why?  Because they are good at it and other manufacturers recognize this.  You can do the same and improve your profitability.