The next generation of multi-point lock is here!  Endura has introduced a multi-point lock that is truly one-of-a-kind: the PanoLock.

The new PanoLock powered by Endura offers lasting performance at an affordable price point, all while giving the homeowner multiple hardware options and supporting a more forgiving installation.

No Hardware Constraints

The Pano-Lock works with many off-the-shelf hardware brands.  This means the homeowner no longer has to pick their hardware when ordering exterior units with multi-point.  This will allow them to match all hardware styles throughout the home.

This is possible because PanoLock features innovative plug-n-play latch and deadbolt adapters that mate with multiple brands and styles.

Real-world Performance

Taper bolts and adjustable roller strikes create a smooth locking operation.  They also support a more forgiving installation.

Further, PanoLock’s adjustable reinforced roller plates also include a space for anchor screws for enhanced security.

PanoLock is available for 6/8 and 8/0 door units.  The lock faceplate is available in bronze and brush nickel/chrome finish.  The adjustable strike plates are available in many colors to match your customer’s needs.

ABP’s stock includes the following in both 6/8 and 8/0:
Astragals in white and oak veneer.

Series 1000 with 1″ faceplate in bronze anodize and brushed clear anodized.

Strike kits in black and stainless steel.

You can find pricing for the PanoLock in the E-Catalog under the Options/Accessories tab.

Contact your ABP sales rep or call the office for more information and assistance on the new PanoLock multipoint locking system.