We want to give you a glimpse into Lynden Door and what makes them an exceptional company. They have a long history of excellent products and we are proud to partner with them allowing us to offer you the best interior doors!

Founded in 1978, Lynden is a family-owned supplier with the purpose to honor God in how they conduct business. Lynden wants to extend their family atmosphere to all their customers, suppliers, and employees.

Along with their pursuit of excellence to grow profitability, Lynden also strives to help grow and develop people.

Lynden Door leads the way in interior wood door innovation. They are at the forefront of new manufacturing processes, materials, and designs to offer value through ingenuity.
Their Fineline Series is an excellent example.

Lynden uses sustainable wood and makes it go a little further. They use rapidly renewable resources, demand higher recycled content, practice manufacturing techniques to maximize wood fibers, find and use wood products that may otherwise be headed to the landfill and send their sawdust to local farmers to be used for animal bedding.

Most importantly, Lynden is committed to providing high-quality doors to you.
They take steps to ensure they produce superior products. These steps include:
  • Pre-graded door skins
  • Wide top and bottom rail
  • Two lock blocks
  • 3″ wide particleboard lock blocks
  • Birch & red oak bifolds skins are pre-graded into matching sets
  • Molded bifolds with flush backs are acclimated together for 48 hours before manufacturing to eliminate the chance of warpage

Lynden’s superior slabs coupled with the craftsmanship of ABP’s door shop, means you receive prehungs to withstand any use!

You can get pricing for interior prehungs in the ABP E-Catalog, by contacting the ABP inside sales team or your outside salesman.