We all want to feel safe in our homes. While security systems can create a feeling of safety, they can be insufficient in actually keeping intruders out.

We keep a security strike plate system that truly does prevent breakins. The system is installed on units in our shop saving your customer time.

The Door Gaurd security strike plate system was created after a string of in-home assaults happened in Overland Park, Kansas. Extensive testing began being done on standard door units revealing that it was easy to damage parts of the unit and hardware, allowing access into a home.

Engineers designed the system alongside law enforcement and homebuilders. The resulting products withstand 350 foot pounds of pressure. It will endure the strongest attempts to enter.

With Door Guard, the weakest parts of the unit are strengthened.

The Door Guard can be applied to single door units, single and double sidelite units, and patio doors.

For single and center swing patio units, the system includes a 3″ x 24″ heavy-duty aluminum plate that is installed on the back of the jamb at lock height. A six-hole deadbolt strike plate is also included.

For sidelite and end swing patio door units, the system has a heavy-duty aluminum plate that is installed on the face of the strike mull post.  We also include an L-shape door edge reinforcement.

Door Guard is completely concealed behind the trim giving you all the protection while being esthetically pleasing.

You can add Door Guard to exterior units within our E-Catalog Program. It is located under the Options tab. Or just let the ABP sales team know you need it when placing your order.

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