IDP was founded in1977. Today they operate out of an 83,000 square foot factory in Southern Michigan. Their mission is to provide a high-quality product at a competitive price, with fast delivery and support.

IDP offers multiple series of frames available. We keep the K2A series in our Jefferson City location.

The K2A series consists of an 18 gauge main jamb and a 22 gauge closure trim. They are prepped for 4″ hinges with 5/8″ radius. The frames have 2-3/4” deadbolt prep and 2-3/4” adjustable T- strike prep.

We stock the frame in 2868 and 3068. Other sizes are available by special order, including custom.

We stock both 4 5/8″ and 6 5/8″ frame depth. Special sizes from 4″ to 9 1/2″ are available by special order.

There are various sill options available. We stock an ADA saddle sill to use our frames in the warehouse. For the 4 5/8″ frame the sill is 5″ wide. For the 6 5/8″ frame the sill is 8″ wide.

The rough opening height for the K2A series frame is 80 1/2″. For the width, add 1 1/4″ to the door width. For example, a 3/0 unit has a 37 1/4″ rough opening width.

A 90-minute fire rating can be achieved on a metal split jamb unit by using a steel-edge slab.

In the ABP E-Catalog, you will find pricing for the stock frame sizes. All other sizes need to be quoted.

Contact the ABP sales team with any other questions regarding the IDP metal split jamb