We have told you in the past what makes Woodgrain an excellent company.  In this post let’s take a look at what makes their stile and rail doors stand out from the rest!

Woodgrain combines beauty, strength, and durability in every door they produce.  Your customer is sure to find their perfect style within the large selection of designs that Woodgrain offers.  Each stile and rail door is crafted to the highest standard making them durable for decades.

Stile and rail slabs are constructed as separate parts and held together with dowel pins.

The dowels are used to make a strong and tight bond where the horizontal rails meet the verticle stiles.  Glue is also applied to the dowel holes.  This combination enhances the strength and durability of each slab.

Depending on the style and species of 1-3/8″ slab that is chosen, it will either have a particle board or finger joint core.  The 1-3/4″ slabs all have finger joint cores.

The construction of a stile and rail slab lends itself to customization.  Woodgrain offers many various options in sticking, panel construction, and layout.  This means that any desired look can be achieved to fit any size opening!!

Stile and rail doors provide superior sound reduction.  Each slab has sharp, crisp lines and corners enhancing its beauty.  They are also durable for decades, making them a great investment.

Woodgrain’s company structure gives direct access to the finest wood to construct their slabs.  It also ensures that they are sustainably made as Woodgrain oversees every step including forest management.

You can see the entire line of styles in Woodgrain’s catalog.  Reach out to the ABP sales team for all your quoting and ordering needs.