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Product Spotlight: Door Guard Security Strike

We all want to feel safe in our homes. While security systems can create a feeling of safety, they can be insufficient in actually keeping intruders out.

We keep a security strike plate system that truly does prevent break-ins. The system is installed on units in our shop saving your customer time.

Smooth Fiberglass Slabs

Jeld-Wen’s smooth fiberglass slabs are designed with clean, classic lines.  With design styles that range from traditional to contemporary, your customer is sure to find the perfect door for their home!

Product Spotlight: Countertop Edges

Even though we often talk about doors, and they are a very large part of our business, they are not all that we produce.

This week we want to put the spotlight on our countertop selection.  We order countertop slabs from VT Industries and cut them to your specifications in our shop.  All assembly can then be done on the job with ease.