ODL has been selling blinds between the glass for 20 years and they have made improvements to their already best-selling blinds.

The new Blink Entry Doorglass offers a number of improvements such as optimal operating effort, long-lasting reliability, and the ability to choose from multiple frame options.  

This new line replaces the current Light -Touch and Enclosed Blinds Color Collections.

The Blink Entry Doorglass still offers the same six colors currently available.  The Blink blind has been designed with all visible components to match the blind color chosen for a more cohesive look.

A 30% reduction in drag lends to smoother operations.

To achieve increased privacy and more of a black-out effect, ODL has made some minor changes to the track.

An ergonomically placed operator allows the blinds to raise, lower, and tilt the entire length of the doorglass with only the slightest movement.  No more reaching or stooping!

As with previous blinds, the new Blink blink is low maintenance.  It is also child and pet-friendly because there are no dangling cords.

This new and improved blind is available now!

We stock both half and full lite blinds between the glass and will be making a running change on our inventory.

You can visit ODL’s website or call the ABP sales team to learn more!